Department Store Design

Drawing out immaculate shop shelving systems that stand perfect for the requirements of department stores

Planova, the retail shopfitters are here once more to showcase their matchless expertise and finesse in constructing flawless designs for department stores. During our decades-long run, we have derived tailor-made solutions for many department stores all across the globe. We have a clear understanding of what constitutes the perfect design for these stores. The department stores are at large, different from regular retail outlets. They own a different structure, style, and layout. Thus, regular formats of shop shelving systems won’t fit in this scenario.

As seasoned retail shopfitters that we are, we respond to the specific requisites of the scenario by drawing a thorough plan for department store design. This plan reflects a highly systematic approach that dictates every step of the design process in meticulous detail. Now, we first analyze the style of the department store. A department store can have a stylish and somewhat flamboyant layout or it can present itself in a rather formal style. Needless to say, the format of the fittings depend on this style. Next, we make use of the space optimization procedure. This is perhaps the most crucial step in our strategy. In this procedure, we map the entire department store and analyze how the area can be optimized for the shop shelving systems. Furthermore, this gives us a clear idea of the shape and structure of the fittings. Once we have the whole plan ready, we move towards creating the shopfitting design.

Finally, we move the shelving constructs for quality analysis. There are a series of evaluations and quality test procedures that our fittings go through. These tests thoroughly evaluate the shelving designs to make sure that they aren’t afflicted with any flaws or defects.


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