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We are a team of global specialists in shop fittings & shelving systems, who make brands successful. We have 105+ years of industry experience as creators of turnkey project solutions, offering consistent and specialized services. We deliver excellent products and services, always on schedule and with no surprises.

Our products are strong on both design and quality aspects. Our wide supply chain network ensures that only high-grade materials are used in our products. Our experts will work closely with you, following strict project management and quality protocols, to ensure that our solutions are top-class and up to your expectations.

How We Function

Planova’s process is a remarkable example of how turn key project solutions and on schedule delivery of products and services can transform businesses globally. Our unique selling point lies in our spirited involvement in all four stages of product life cycle, i.e. Research & Analysis, Project Discussion, Design Productions and Installation & Post-Production Support. It showcases an amalgamation of technologies and ideas executed to deliver exemplary results.

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Business Divisions

Our formidable presence in international markets and services across four distinct divisions

Convenience & Food Retail

Excellent space planning and optimal designs to maximize product purchases.


Simple, scalable and high-performance designs for every kind of business.

Public Spaces

Seamless solutions for maximized productivity and enhanced connectivity.

Lifestyle Retail

Turnkey retail processes and solutions to enhance your storage space and store design.

Planova Global Network

  • Our Formidable Presence in the International Markets
  • A worldwide coverage from 4 continents and 15 countries
  • Access to more than 1200 partner locations
  • Make the right decisions with no surprises

We Make Brands Successful

We deliver excellent services and products, always on schedule and with no surprises.


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