Warehouse Shelving Design

Systemized, uniform, and pristine warehouse shelving design presented by the finest shopfitting suppliers

At Planova, we are the proponents of an impeccably exquisite and most importantly, thoroughly organized shelving design that stands perfectly on the requirement model of a warehouse. Our line of forte has always been to craft the ace form of shop shelving system that delivers a conscientious layout. The desired pattern of a warehouse revolves around the aspects of an ideal assortment of goods and an uncluttered state of space. On the surface at least, these are the chief areas of attention. The fitting design is supposed to deliver a state of convenience and ease of access. Aligned with these aspects are some subtle elements as well, that don’t directly influence the warehouse atmosphere but have a share in adding a touch of exquisiteness to it. The passionate shopfitting suppliers that we are, we invest all our expertise in achieving this desired shelving format for the warehouse.

Planova has always stayed inclined towards an approach that adheres to a methodical style. We assume that a uniform and straightforward shop shelving systems would be an appropriate fit for a warehouse. To keep things in the line of precision, we rely on the mechanism of space optimization. It is essential that we discern and measure the area that can be allocated to the shelving design. We also pay attention to the type and categories of the products. It helps us sculpt the ideal structure of the fittings. This brightens the philosophy of ease of access as the perfect shelving solutions add concrete value to the idea of convenience. However, our role as a sincere shopfitting supplier does not reach the road of closure until we have evaluated the durability of our fittings. Through thorough tests and checks, we measure the structural strength of our solutions before we deem them fit for deployment.


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