Shopping Mall Design

Developing the lavish shopping mall design that articulates dazzle and zest

As premier shop fitters, we carry the familiarity with the threads of elements that constitute the design of a shopping mall. It’s something of an extensive scale, so much so that calling in a scrupulous layout that expounds every aspect and fragment of the design. It is essential that we possess a skeletal structure, a bankable synopsis of what we are about to construct. It is important to note that the core complication, so to speak, is not about imagining a layout of a wide space but to realize the element of consistency in that space. To put it in precise terms, a shopping mall is a large structure with many divisions of sub-structures. So, maintaining a singular shade of style or format can present itself as a complex task. The variation in the style must abide by the fundamental or core design. It’s like bringing difference while remaining constant. To respond to this seemingly perplexing, we bring a shop shelving system that carries the tact to answer this scenario.

Planova is oftentimes dubbed as a sect of expert global shop fitters. This title reflects the ingenuity that we have nourished over the span of several decades. We believe that an ostentatious layout doesn’t answer to the standing set of requirements. True, the design of a shopping mall must bear a grandeur tone but there is more to it than a sheer extravagance. The shop shelving system we introduce brings that “varying consistency” that we mentioned earlier. The shelving system adapts to the style and format of various sections of the mall. However, it does mention the principal style and format of the shopping mall. This synchronizes all the elements of design in the perfect order.


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