Library Design

The terrain of worded knowledge and books articulated by an eloquent design

Contriving and designating the desirable shopfitting systems that underline the core atmosphere of a library, that’s the expertise of Planova. In our successful run in the sphere of shelving and shopfitting, we have concocted impeccable and undeniably flawless designs for libraries. Our forte has been shaped and precisely structured in a manner that allows us to answer the very particular needs of the scenario. It is imperative and logical, so to speak, to discern the apt design and style for the solutions. For a library, the ideal style should be something that portrays tactful grace. Anything flashy, flamboyant, or loud won’t match the atmosphere of the home of books. So, the retail fittings and the design setting overall must carry a formal tone.

At Planova, we believe that the format of our dedicated shopfitting systems must appease the thoughts and taste of the audience, which in this case are the readers in the library. In simple terms, we stitch and mould our solutions as per the intent and philosophy of the ultimate audience. While we said about the formality and grace in style, we however do not shy away from utilizing a bit of creativity. A dull layout that does not inspire any emotion can completely disintegrate the library design and for obvious reasons. The retail fittings we bring to the scene capture the feel of the scenario. Through our design, we try to build an atmosphere that would suit the environment of the library. Apart from the cosmetic layout, we also pay attention to the structural strength of our presented shelving solutions. For us, elegance and durability can and must walk together. At Planova, we don’t accept flaws, no matter how small or minuscule, in our constructs.


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