Hypermarket Store Design

Feasible, functional, and appropriately crafted retail fittings dedicated to creating the perfect hypermarket store design

A hypermarket store is no less than an enormous marketplace that hosts a wide range of products. A store of such elaborate value requires a dynamic shopfitting shelving layout that suits the various sections, areas, and departments of the store. Structuring shelving solutions of such scale requires coming up with flexible designs that can adapt to the diverse scenarios of hypermarkets. At Planova, we have been deriving impeccable retail fittings that come out as a perfect fit for hypermarkets. To answer the multi-layered requirements of these giant stores, we follow a multi-faceted strategy. From the aspect of convenience to areas of visual styling, our strategic approach covers all that is required to nurture that perfect hypermarket store design.

The prime aim of our shopfitting shelving layout is to make it easy and convenient for the customers to carry on with their shopping. We focus on putting forward a highly organized and systematic display through our shelving solutions. Just as we have pointed out, the hypermarket stores are an extensively wide shopping place. So, it becomes the first priority to design the ground in a customer-friendly manner. We segregate our fittings according to the different sections of the hypermarket store. It allows us to design the fittings that attend to the diverse needs of the customers that attend the store. Generally, not much attention is given to the aspect of visual-appeal in the overall hypermarket store design. But with our retail fittings, we opt for an approach that is different from the conventional format of the store. We bring in some elegant styling to our fittings and shelvings. Although we don’t invite anything bright or loud, we do speckle a bit of creative touch to the store design.


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