Hotel Room Design

Painting the planova shade of elegance and opulence in hotel rooms

Planova has been, on more than one occasion, has been titled as the unrivalled shop fittings specialist during our flourishing run. Over the decades, we have dedicated ourselves to structuring, constructing, and dictating numerous design solutions. A hotel room design has been one of our areas of expertise. We are aware of the several aspects and layers that together bring an appreciable hotel room design. By that logic, we share our knowledge with architectural experts and other players so that the end design is nothing less than perfect. Our strategy relies on coordination, harmonization, and utilization of the various skills and tactics that our partners and affiliates have. We understand that the design of a hotel room would require a thoroughly sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing custom shopfitting format.

As shop fittings specialist, it rests on our discernment that what should be the overall pattern and style of the design. A hotel room design is not bound by any particular layout. Different hotels host different styles, so rigidity in design is simply out of the question. The dominant format of the hotel room must kindle a euphoric sensation in the customers. We are of the opinion that the hotel room must strike the right chords with the thoughts of the customers. Of course, you can’t base the entire design on the element of vividity and luxuriant style. A clean and orderly arrangement is also essential. It’s evident that customers would prefer a well-organized room where everything is designated in perfect order. Ultimately, through our custom shopfitting, we try to deliver a convenient and luxurious design that can portray the hotel’s imagination, preference, style, and everything that lies in between. For us, that’s how you express perfection.


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