Bookcase Design

Assembling the promised land for devoted bibliophiles through the art of custom shopfitting

As global shelving specialists, we angle our solutions to a professionally formal degree. In most case scenarios, we consider logic and pattern over style and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, there are times when we shed our philosophy to contrive something of sentimental value. Moulding a bookcase design is undoubtedly one such scenario. It is true to state that Planova never implies or invent anything that steps outside the bounds of relevance. However, we do claim a fragment of liberty to orient the bookcase design that exudes a tone of enthusiasm. We believe it is imperative that our constructs vehemently express the emotion that inspires the imagination of the eventual customer. In the case of a bookcase design, our custom shopfitting layout pursues the interest sphere of book lovers.

Our competence as shelving specialists allows us to explore vivid ways of realizing a capturing design for a bookcase. Before diving into the creative space, we make use of a formal strategy that dictates our course of action. We make time to observe the area and space dedicated to the fittings. We also weigh the options of subtly reorganizing the area if that helps in establishing finer fittings. Our idea is to create a design that looks like an inseparable part of the scene. With this, we arrive at painting the custom shopfitting solutions that translate into a vivid bookcase. The colorful mindscape of ours instructs us to imbue the artistic hue to the fittings. For us, creativity is something that entices the entire space of thought of the customer or the eventual user. Simply splashing anything that’s synonymous with bright and flashy can only be regarded as flamboyant. Planova stays true to the etiquettes and ethics of apposite creativeness and hence our idea of vividity agrees with the philosophy of the book lovers.


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