Bank Branch Design

Organized, immaculate, and on-point retail fittings that suit the scenario of a bank branch

The shopfitting design employed for a bank is unlike the conventional shelving layout that we put to use. A bank branch requires a different set of fitting plans that can “fit” as per the requirements of the scene. On one look, the design of a bank branch seems plain and simple. It corresponds to the format of a corporate office. But that’s what floats on the surface. As shelving experts, it is our job to get to learn the actual depth of the scenario and then present any form of solution. As we have already mentioned, the design of a bank branch may carry some similarity with a corporate office but the setting is entirely different. The retail fittings so utilized in a regular office mainly focuses on employees and workspace. However, in the bank branch design, the variables of customer convenience, and an organized way of ensuring transactions take precedence over other factors.

At Planova, we settle on brewing a multi-layered shopfitting design that tends to the varying prerequisites of the bank branch. Nevertheless, our foremost objective is to survey the available space and discern the format and style of the fittings. It is not an irrelevant assumption to predict a crowd occupying the premises of a bank. Furthermore, a bank branch is engaged in carrying out day-to-day operations. So, its dealing involves both employees and customers. Keeping the scenario in mind, we construct solutions that warrant a well-organized setup that keeps things running smoothly. We deploy retail fittings that negate the possibility of any disorientation. Our objective is to ensure a bank branch design that is convenient, clean, and is perfectly apt for the bank’s present set of requirements.


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