Mobile Shop Design

Presenting magnificent shopfitting supplies that represent the perfect design for mobile stores

Do you want your mobile store to attract the eye of the customers? Do you seek a shelving design that’s both elegant and convenient? Then Planova is right here at your service. As one of the prime retail shopfitters, we carry the smarts and the technology to bring about the perfect design for a mobile store. At Planova, we are expert at concocting shelving designs that suit the style of mobile stores. To bring about this perfect design, we bring into consideration several factors and aspects that are vital to creating the apt mobile shop design. We first try to underline the basic structure and layout of the store. Every store has its basic style philosophy and based upon that we deploy the shopfitting supplies.

As pragmatic retail shopfitters that we are, we create a formal strategy that can dictate the creation of an impeccable shelving design for the mobile shop. As per our strategic approach, we understand the core layout of the shop. This helps us decide the appropriate structure of the fittings for the scenario. The next aspect we look into is the customers that the store entertains. We aim to create a fitting design that adds more to the convenience of the customers. In the final step, we employ the space optimization strategy. This helps us get a clear idea of the overall layout of the mobile store and the space allocated for shopfitting supplies. Once we have covered all the aspects as per our elaborate strategy, we move towards the production phase.

The final stage of our strategy revolves around putting our shelving structures through quality tests. These meticulous tests evaluate the durability, design, and visual style of the fittings.


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