Furniture Shop Design

Witness the awe-inspiring innovation expressed through our shopfitting systems for furniture shop design

At Planova, we pride ourselves to be the inventive craftsmen who bring to life brilliantly creative shop fittings. So, we give it our A-game when it comes to designing solutions for furniture stores. We prefer capitalizing on the opportunity to present our top-notch expertise by nurturing ace shelving designs and fittings. Nevertheless, creating the desired shelving constructs for furniture stores is a tricky task. With the store hosting a wide variety of furniture, it becomes imperative to keep the scene organized. So, it becomes the need of the hour to bring in a well-structured shopfitting system and we do just that.

We decide on constructing a systemized layout for the shop fittings that are to be deployed by us. We run a thorough analysis of the furniture store to decide on the perfect shelving design for the store. Mapping the entire store to get a clearer picture is a part of our process. We then proceed towards employing the space optimization procedure. In this, we not only measure the space mentioned for the fittings, but we also try to rearrange the area in a more organized fashion. We now begin to design a shopfitting system that serves as the perfect answer to every and all requirements of the shop furniture store. Our agenda is to deliver highly practical shelving solutions that fit the given need.

To maintain that the designed shop fittings are ready to roll out, we put them through several quality tests. We first evaluate the durability of our constructs and see if they meet the required criteria. We also check for any possible complications in the visual style and structure of the solutions. Once the solutions have qualified extensive quality procedures, we prepare them for deployment.


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