Fashion Store Design

A glamorous shopfitting design that matches the fashionable elegance of fashion stores

Contriving a consistent yet dynamic retail shelving design that vividly explains the glitzy culture of fashion stores, that's one of Planova's shades of expertise. As one of the premier players in the dimension of shop fittings, we are more than adept in nurturing designs that can be pronounced perfect for fashion stores. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that constructing a desirable layout for a fashion store is no easy feat. These stores are home to products and merchandise that represent the essence of style and vogue. Thus a design is required that aptly expresses the vivid atmosphere of a fashion store. We answer this by bringing a flexible shopfitting design that highlights the glamour-filled ambience of these stores.

We go for a strategic approach to bring out the ideal retail shelving design for fashion stores. We first evaluate the fundamental style and layout of the store. It is essential to understand the basic design of the store to get a clear idea of the format and style of fittings that will fit the scenario. Next, we draw some prototype designs. During this stage, we mix and match several different styles and layouts to attain that perfect shopfitting design. At Planova, we are never shy from experimenting with new creative ideas. For us, that’s how you nourish your artistic instincts.

In the final stage of our design process, we send the retail shelvings for quality analysis. We run various tests and evaluations to determine the aptness of our constructs. Measuring the overall durability and analyzing the overall layout of the shelving structures are an integral part of the evaluation. It is only after the fittings have cleared the quality tests that we deploy them for use.


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