Boutique Store Design

Embellishing the magnificence of boutique stores through exotic and classy shopfitting systems

Leading shopfitting suppliers known for their matchless expertise and finesse, that’s Planova you are looking at. We are a class of global shelving experts who are well-familiar with the vivid nature of a boutique store design. Dedicated to the fashion and style of ladies, boutique stores are a host to many fine women-oriented brands. It becomes apparent that a boutique store requires a shelving design that exudes elegance and style. But to contrive this fashionable layout is a challenge in itself. The complexity here is that the stores host many brands at a given time. So, it can be perplexing to decide an ideal design for the shopfitting systems.

Nevertheless, our honed and sharp expertise as global shopfitting suppliers allows us to construct versatile designs for boutique stores. The aim of our shopfitting design is to beautify the scene of the store and highlight the wide range of clothing merchandise in an elegant fashion. This is to say that our shelving constructs bear a practical design that well-suits the given scenario. We also keep in mind the convenience of the customers. To bring about the desirable shelving solutions, we first deploy the space optimization procedure. Our intention is to get a fair idea of the size of the store and what type of shopfitting systems would fit in the given setting. The shelving solutions we construct exude elegance and carry a practical structure.

Our fittings go through many quality checks before they are considered fit for deployment. The quality tests are designed to thoroughly evaluate the shelvings to weed out any faults that might have missed our eyes. From the structural strength to the style format, everything pertaining to the fittings is tested and analyzed.


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