Toy and Children's Store Design

The zest of children’s toys cocooned in the overzealous shop fitting design

Planova is never shy to portray its peerless brilliance in bringing to life a magnificent shopfitting system that serves as the eloquent voice of the toy and children’s store. Our deep affection towards children inclines our philosophy towards their interest. Hence, we are able to bring to life the aptest form of fittings that present all the offerings in the store as per the vivid imagination of the children. This is to say that we are the experts who can and many a time do imbibe childlike curiosity and exuberance to brew brilliance expressed entirely through our solutions. While this may seem like a personal preference, the affection we talk about is more of a necessity when it comes to crafting a remarkable shopfitting design for a children’s store.

The principal shopfitting system of a toy store does not align with the idea of minute sophistication. While we do stress the importance of an organized layout, implying a very formal and straightforward design might fail to address the preferences of the little ones. At Planova, we opt for the colourfully artistic approach that could perfectly align with the intention and idea of a children’s store. The vividity of the store with toys and other parts of the merchandise is portrayed through our creative fittings and shelvings. The creativity we so mention forms the crux of our shopfitting design. The big idea is to paint an alluring atmosphere. We try to captivate the big imaginative space of the children through a setting that strikes the chords that attract their thoughts. Our emphasis on a bright artistic format does not mean an unorganized or crudely optimized shopfitting layout. The overall design stays creative and well-organized.


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