Gun Room Design

Uttering the charisma of your gun room through the glamorous shopfitting supplies

When it comes to describing the splendor of the gun rooms through a custom shopfitting design, there is no name that outstrips the excellence of Planova. A team of masterful craftsmen, an innovatively strategic technique, and the finest form of technology allow us to carve the fittings that can melodiously explain the grace of gun rooms. Planova has always favored a flexible approach when it comes to concocting solutions. We agree with the fact that following the conventional code of shelvings and fitting won’t hold any practicality here. The shopfitting supplies employed for a gun room design bear a very specific style and architecture.

We devise a scheme that explicitly delineates the shopfitting design of the gun rooms. Contrary to an orthodox setting, we create shelvings that don’t entirely mask the firearms merchandise. The fittings are patterned in a way that they exhibit the style and structure of the weaponry. Generally, we opt for wall mounted shelvings that can hold and aptly support the products. This not only presents the arms in a graceful light but also saves a lot of space. Nevertheless, we also invest our craft in constructing display tables that can publicize the other variants of firearms. This is the part where the application of space optimization comes into force. The shopfitting supplies must remain appropriate for the available space. So, we bank on fitting designs that are compact but serve reasonable storage space.

In the entire process of shopfitting design, we also consider the factor of durability. All our solutions have to run through a comprehensive test that gauges the structural integrity of our shelvings and shopfittings. This criterion is an effective compulsory for all our products.


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