Firearm Shop Design

Exemplary custom shopfitting that expresses the true essence of the firearms

Planova is most certainly your one-stop for everything that remains relevant to the design and development of shelving constructs that are devoted to firearm stores. As one of the illustrious retail shopfitters in the domain, we bear the essential know-how of formulating the solutions that hold pertinence to the philosophy of the shop. The layout of a weapon store abides by a very exclusive pattern. The ethos of these shops doesn’t quite match with the ambiance of a regular store. As may be evident, a firearm store attends to a very specific demographic. All these factors call for the deliverance of a custom shopfitting format that heeds to the particular requirements of weapon stores.

As one of the detail-oriented retail shopfitters, we devote our resources to erecting an expanded blueprint that guides the design of the firearm shop. Our first step is to assess the given space and plan the size and shape of the fittings. In a regular scenario, we rely on Slatwall displays to present the elegance of the different weapons and armaments. Nevertheless, the application of glass displays and other formats of shelvings and fittings are also employed if the conditions allow so. The essential feature of creativity also plays a significant role in our utilized design for firearm shops. In our custom shopfitting solutions, we tend to opt for a more subtle artistic approach. A vibrant and vivid creative angle would seem irrelevant when it comes to showcasing weapons and armaments. Planova always relies on solutions that complement the existing scenario and following this line of reasoning, we keep our constructs creative in a limited sense. We also pay due attention to the region of durability and make it certain that all the fittings carry apt structural strength.


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