Food Retail Solutions

Inventive retail shelving systems that translate into strong and stable fittings for food retail companies

The shop fittings bearing the name of Planova are designed around the principles of convenience and viability. At Planova, we construct models that suit the requirements of any and every food retail company. Considering the highly tense competitive nature of the food retail industry, the trends in the domain are likely to change constantly. So, it becomes important that shelving solutions so delivered can adapt to these changing scenes. Hence, we present custom retail shelving solutions that can stay efficiently relevant in changing scenarios.

Before we get into the installation of shop fittings, we first put the procedure of space optimization into action. While the fitting solutions we create promise a perfect use of the given space, the application of space optimization makes the overall process more streamlined and highly organized. Furthermore, it helps in measuring the exact amount of space required to install the fittings. The shelving constructs we introduce carries a practical design that ensures convenience. The ultimate objective of our service design is centered around the concept of efficiency and effectiveness. Our retail shelving solutions coupled with our on-point space optimization initiative, ensure a flawless categorization and organization of products and merchandise.

One of the most important aspects of our shop fittings is durability. This aspect is a valid extension of our emphasis on efficiency. We are of the opinion that solutions that don’t possess appropriate structural strength are of no actual value to the food retail companies. Through extensive quality checks, we measure the total durability of our shelving and shopfitting constructs. The structures that don’t match the quality criteria are swiftly rejected. We keep our priority on delivering the best to our clients. So, the shelving constructs that make it to the final cut are simply flawless and effectively cover the aspects of robust durability and efficiency-inspired design.


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