Convenience Retail Store Design

Delightfully reliable design layouts that match the beat of convenience retail stores

Seasoned experts who employ clever space optimization tactics that make way for the ideal categorization of stock and merchandise, that’s us. Convenience retail stores aim to invite customers towards a “convenient” shopping experience. The level of convenience delivered to customers determines the entire functionality of the stores. Apt cataloging of commodities and shopping articles becomes highly necessary and that’s where Planova enters the scene.

We hold expertise in designating high-quality solutions for convenience retail stores. We lay emphasis on the “convenient value” of the stores by making it easy for the customers to find the commodity they seek. We additionally utilize key space improvement strategies to dispose of any chance of messiness or disorder.

We designate compartments for various categories of commodities. This stable division makes way for an apt placement of products under their appropriate category. At Planova, we also focus on the visual quality of our services. Our shelving and shopfitting solutions hold a creative value that can subtly entice the customers and influence their attention.

The retail shop fittings presented by Planova are thoroughly robust. Our prioritization of the durability of our work ensures greater longevity of our served solutions. Plus, the durability of our shop fittings and shelves doesn’t affect their visual appeal. This is to say that our fittings are visually attractive and can easily attract the attention of the customers.

Overall, our service design comprises many facets and aspects. These aspects are made from small details that are essential in crafting the finest shelving solutions. Space optimization, ideal categorization, strong architectural design, captivating visual appeal are some of the broad aspects that are highlighted in our core service design.


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