Retail Shopfittings

Remarkable retail shop fittings that cover all the essential and specific requirements of Food retailers in the United Kingdom

At Planova, we have been serving our expertise to the vast domain of food retail by bringing them outstanding shopfitting supplies. Being one of the best shopfitting experts in the UK, we can analyze and evaluate the particular needs of food retailers in the most precise order. We realize the fact that simply rolling out various fittings and shelving systems won’t be sufficient. There are numerous aspects that, if not considered, can fail the model of the retail shop fittings. Thus, the solutions that carry the name of Planova are crafted via a painstakingly drawn blueprint.

We first draw an elaborate plan that explains both the correct order of deployment and the best-suited design for our shopfitting supplies. We make use of the formal procedure of space optimization to better assess the available area. This helps us determine the appropriate type, or precisely, the ideal format of shelving systems that will fit in the given scenario. The fittings that we bring to the scene share the same design format as the retail space. They are ideal for holding the various categories of products in the most convenient and clean fashion. We lay emphasis on the appropriate categorization of the merchandise that the store holds. Our retail shop fittings make the most efficient use of the available space and ensure proper organization of the products.

While we dedicate our expertise to making our solutions efficient and effective, we also pay attention to their visual style. We work to bring an elegant appeal to our shopfitting supplies. This allows us to make the food retail setting more vibrant and fresh. The exquisiteness of our shelving and fittings does not compromise their durability. We ensure that every construct we deliver is robust and is free of any glaring defects or flaws.


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